About this Project

The NDIS has the potential to provide choice and control for people with disability as well as early intervention services for many Australians who have never received assistance before. However, those who should be benefitting from the scheme have reported a range of concerns, particularly in relation to application and appeal processes.

PIAC is working with people with disability, carers, peak groups and stakeholders to identify and address key concerns. The initial focus of our work is on improving transparency and consistency around decision-making, and making the appeals process less adversarial and more user-friendly.

Ultimately, we hope to make the system fairer and work better to meet the needs of people with disability.

For more information about the project call Chadwick Wong on 02 8898 6500.

For general legal or advocacy assistance on NDIS reviews and appeals, please contact Legal Aid NSW or People with Disability Australia. PIAC is not currently assisting with general legal enquiries in relation to the NDIS.

Image: Flickr/ halahmoon

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