How we make change

We tackle injustice and inequality by:

  • Exposing laws, policies and practices that cause or entrench disadvantage;
  • Challenging decision-makers over actions that are unlawful or unfair;
  • Identifying solutions to deliver fair, practical outcomes;
  • Engaging with the public and decision-makers to bring about change; and
  • Empowering people to initiate, inform and influence positive change and become leaders in social justice.

Our values

We work with compassion and respect.

We amplify the voices of people who are marginalised or excluded.

We are tenacious and courageous.

We are creative and open-minded.

We do everything with integrity and are committed to excellence.

Detailed information on PIAC’s objectives and strategies is available in PIAC’s Strategy 2021-2024 and annual reports

How we measure our impact

PIAC has developed a Global Impact Framework to help us measure impact across the work we do. The framework has been integrated into all stages of our work – from planning to implementation to evaluation. It guides how we demonstrate the tangible outcomes and impact of our work to our supporters, funders and partners.

The framework gives us a universal approach which we can tailor to reflect the requirements of our varied projects and programs.


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