Who we can help

PIAC’s legal work is focused on cases that can lead to systemic change and will have widespread benefit.

The scope of this work is potentially very broad. To ensure that our work has focus and is most likely to have impact, we identify priority areas in our strategic planning process. 

Under PIAC’s current Strategic Plan, our priorities are:

  • Homelessness
  • Prisons and detention
  • Indigenous justice
  • Discrimination
  • Accountable government
  • Energy and water.

Before taking on a case, PIAC considers where it:

  • addresses an issue that is causing significant harm
  • has the potential to help a disadvantaged sector of the community
  • has reasonable prospects of success
  • has potential to make a significant impact.

Before taking on a case, PIAC also considers whether there is a more appropriate legal service to take on the matter, such as Legal Aid NSW or a generalist community legal centre, or if there is a community legal centre that specialises in the area.

PIAC does not accept legal enquiries by e-mail, correspondence or facsimile other than in exceptional circumstances. Please contact PIAC by telephone on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays if you have a legal enquiry.

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