2SER: Religious discrimination and religious schools, what’s going on?

Over the past fortnight debate has intensified over the treatment of LGBTQ students and teachers by religious schools.

The Albanese Government, during the 2022 federal election, promised to tackle this issue by protecting LGBTQ individuals in religious settings while also safeguarding religious freedoms.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese recently introduced a Religious Discrimination Bill and proposed changes to the Sex Discrimination Act. These changes aim to protect LGBTQ students and teachers. However, the government has stated it will only move forward with these changes if there is support from all political sides.

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) released a report on 21 March, recommending the removal of specific exceptions in the Sex Discrimination Act. These exceptions currently allow religious schools to discriminate against LGBTQ individuals. The ALRC suggests keeping the ability for religious schools to hire based on religion but making it fairer for LGBTQ people.

Our Director of Policy and Advocacy Alastair Lawrie supports these recommendations and joined 2SER Breakfast to discuss further.

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