2SER: Fighting the NDIS age cap at the UN

PIAC is representing Dr Peter Freckleton in a discrimination complaint to the UN. After contracting polio when he was six-years-old, Peter has had paralysis in both legs since childhood. However, his application for NDIS support was rejected as he was over 65 when the NDIS was introduced. This leaves him unable to access necessary support for his disability.

Peter has exhausted all avenues for appeal in Australia. Only Parliament can change the law to lift the age cap, so by taking his complaint to the UN, Peter and PIAC hope to pressure the government into making a change.

What is the age gap? Why does it need to change? Why the UN, and how can they help?

Senior Solicitor Sheetal Balakrishnan, working on PIAC’s Non-Discrimination and Equality project, joined 2SER Breakfast to discuss these important questions.

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