Integrated legal help

From left: Jeremy Rea and Tim Ngui. Photo: Gemma Pearce.

PIAC’s HPLS Senior Solicitor and Solicitor Advocate provide legal services specifically for clients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The HPLS Solicitor Advocate, Jeremy Rea, is an accredited specialist in criminal law. He has considerable experience representing people who are homeless, people who have mental illness and those with drug or alcohol addiction. The Solicitor Advocate is just one way that HPLS seeks to provide an integrated response for homeless people facing a range of legal and non-legal problems. 

The HPLS Senior Solicitor, Tim Ngui, focuses on civil law and provides advice, representation and case-work assistance to homeless clients in a variety of everyday legal matters such as tenancy, housing, credit & debt, victims compensation, guardianship, employment, social security, fines, police complaints and consumer matters.

When he’s not working directly with homeless clients Tim assists the Managing Solicitor with the training, supervision and management of the HPLS pro bono practice.

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