2SER: Better housing for all

Housing has been a hot topic throughout the NSW election campaign. Interest rate increases are contributing to the cost-of-living crisis for mortgage holders, while more people than ever are renting their home, and feel they will be for life.

With rents increasing rapidly, in Sydney and regional areas, and long queues to inspect rental properties every weekend, renters are doing it tough. And it may be influencing how they vote. Some commentators described the recent NSW election as a ‘renter’s election’.

Political parties certainly took notice, with all parties proposing a range of housing policy reforms and ideas at the election. Now the dust has settled, and we have a new Labor Government, what can we expect them to do? And what are the solutions that could be put in place to make housing better for everyone in NSW?

PIAC Policy Officer, Thomas Chailloux shared some ideas on better housing with 2SER Breakfast.

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