HPLS contributes to Parity

This month’s edition of Parity (Homelessness and the Law: Access to Justice) features several articles by staff and volunteers from PIAC’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Service. 

Parity is Council to Homeless Persons’ (CHP) national publication, examining homelessness from personal, local, social, national and global perspectives.

PIAC’s CEO, Edward Santow, as well as Senior Policy officer, Louis Schetzer, contributed articles on the NSW Work and Development Scheme, and freedom of speech, and consumer participation.

The magazine also features an article by Damien Sakey, who is a member of Streetcare, PIAC’s consumer advisory group on homelessness. Damien writes eloquently about his personal experience of homelessness in ‘An Opinion Based on Perspective.’ 

You can download all of PIAC’s articles here.

Image: Parity magazine cover

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