PIAC releases new video – the StreetCare story

To mark National Homeless Persons’ Week 2013, PIAC has launched a new video that tells the story of the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service (HPLS) consumer advisory committee, StreetCare.

In 2009 HPLS established StreetCare in recognition of the importance of homeless people having the opportunity to exercise their right to participate in law reform and policy debates.

StreetCare is currently made up of nine members who are either currently homeless, or have experienced homelessness in the last two years. It includes men and women from across Sydney, and also includes members from the Hunter.

In the video, members of StreetCare talk about what being involved in StreetCare has meant for them, and why StreetCare is an important committee for letting government know how its policies affect homeless people.

According to Veronica who has been part of StreetCare since 2010:

“StreetCare is a good opportunity to allow the Government to get an unedited version of what it’s like for homeless people.”

According to one of the founding members of StreetCare, Ken: “StreetCare is all about empowerment ….”

The view the StreetCare Story, click here.

The video is part of a broader project of PIAC and HPLS, In Their Words, in which members of StreetCare talk about their experiences of being homeless and trying to find stable, safe accommodation. (Click here here to find out more about In Their Words.)

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