Human rights action plan for Australia

Human rights action plan for Australia Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Human rights action plan for Australia
Bailey, Brenda.
Publication Date:
11 Feb 2011
Publication Type:

The Federal Government launched ‘Australia’s Human Rights Framework’ in 2010, in response to the national inquiry into human rights protection. The Framework describes how the Government intends to protect and promote human rights in Australia.  The Framework includes a commitment to develop a National Human Rights Action Plan that describes future action to fulfill its human rights objectives.

This Submission is in response to the Attorney-General’s Background Paper, A New National Human Rights Action Plan for Australia, which which proposes how the Government will develop the National Action Plan.

 The submission supports the development of a National Action Plan providing:

  • the process is transparent and members of the community are members of a coordinating committee to oversee the development, review and evaluation of the plan;
  • community education is a significant component of the Action Plan; and
  • priorities are included based on recommendations made by international and national judicial recommendations the United Nations Committees that have undertaken Australian’s periodical reviews to assess progress made towards protecting human rights.

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