IPART review of WaterNSW rural bulk water prices from July 2021 Issues Paper

PIAC made a submission in response to the issues paper IPART released as part of its review of WaterNSW rural bulk water prices from July 2021. Along with a range of user and community groups, PIAC recommended that IPART proceed with a 4 year determination period on the basis WaterNSW’s engagement was not sufficient to demonstrate a case for their proposal of a 1 year determination.

We highlighted the need for more comprehensive, transparent stakeholder engagement to determine consumer and community interests and perspectives on operational and investment decisions in WaterNSWs proposal, and what the costs of those decisions are and how they would be recovered.

We highlighted a number of issues raised in WaterNSWs proposal should be examined as part of larger questions of transparent investment assessment, cost sharing and efficient charging. We are particularly concerned at the long term cost and sustainability impacts of projects inappropriately characterised as ‘drought responses’, and highlight the need for more substantial assessment of their costs and benefits to be undertaken to ensure users, the community and resource sustainability are not negatively impacted over the long term.

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