Estimated meter reads consultation paper

Estimated meter reads consultation paper Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Estimated meter reads consultation paper
Publication Date:
14 Jun 2018
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PIAC responded to the AEMC’s estimated meter reads rule change consultation paper. We identify consumers’ ability to accurately assess and control their energy usage bills is a fundamental element of achieving the National Energy Objective and that the use of estimations as the basis for billing is widespread and a source of significant consumer discontent and complaint. In this context, PIAC broadly supports the principles of the Minister’s proposals, and makes a number of recommendations relating to their implementation.  

PIAC considers this rule change process represents an important opportunity to address long term issues with the way that retail energy bills are formulated and presented to consumers, particularly for the significant proportion of consumers who are struggling to control and afford the cost of their energy usage.

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