New gas rebate announced for low income households

Deputy Premier Troy
Grant and Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts, have
announced a new rebate for low-income households in NSW that use Liquefied
Petroleum Gas (LPG). The $90 Gas Rebate will be available from 1 July 2016 to households
that rely on reticulated or delivered LPG for heating, cooking and powering
their hot water systems and that are not connected to a natural gas
distribution network.

This is good news as
it means that vulnerable residents who are unconnected to gas networks will be
eligible to receive the same rebate as those who are connected to the network.

The rebate is
particularly important for customers in regional areas who do not have access
to the natural gas network and who therefore rely on LPG. ‘This is an important
step in supporting low income and vulnerable consumers in regional areas,
particularly those in towns where retail gas competition is low or non-existent,’
said PIAC CEO, Edward Santow. 

‘As the average annual
cost of LPG for a household is $500, this rebate will provide relief to
vulnerable households struggling with the costs of an essential service such as
gas,’ Mr Santow said.

PIAC is pleased the NSW
Government has addressed this gap in financial support for households in NSW.

To apply for the rebate visit:

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