ABC Background Briefing – the big disconnect

Earlier this year PIAC launched a landmark legal challenge on behalf of consumers to the Australian Energy Regulator’s price determinations for the NSW electricity networks.

Electricity network charges, which make up around half of the average household electricity bill, have risen exponentially in recent years, making this essential service increasingly unaffordable, especially for people on low incomes.

If PIAC’s challenge is successful, electricity prices could be reduced next year by more than $150 below the regulator’s determination. However, the electricity network businesses are also challenging the AER’s decision. If they succeed, average electricity bills will increase by more than $500 a year. 

This excellent program by Jess Hill examines the factors that have driven massive rises in electricity network prices and the emerging battery technology that will allow people to use the grid a lot less, or even leave it completely. It and features PIAC’s CEO, Edward Santow, talking about our case on behalf of consumers to reduce electricity bills.

Photo: Flickr/ Marufish

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