Thinking about going solar? Read this first.

In 2013 the Clean Energy Council established the Solar PV Retailer Code of Conduct, which aims to improve customer service and industry standards. Retailers who have signed up have committed to uphold certain standards in their sales and marketing activities.

‘If you are considering installing a solar power system, it is wise to find out about the Code of Conduct and whether the company you are dealing with is a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer,’ said Dr Gabrielle Kuiper, Senior Policy Officer in PIAC’s Energy + Water Consumer Advocacy Program.

‘These are companies that have signed on to the ACCC-approved Code of Conduct and agreed to follow its requirements at all times.

‘They are required to follow all relevant consumer protection laws and provide a warranty for at least five years. They must also comply with strict requirements in relation to pre and post sale activities, documentation and business practices,’ said Dr Kuiper.

The establishment of the code is intended to be a starting point for raising standards in the solar retail sector, especially in terms of the quality of solar panels and their installation.

To see a list of current Approved Retailers, visit

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