Cause of action for invasion of privacy

PIAC strongly supports the
introduction of a statutory cause of action for serious invasions of privacy.

In November 2011, PIAC made a
submission to the Commonwealth Government in response to its discussion paper
about the proposed introduction of a statutory cause of action for serious
invasion of privacy.

Following the News of the World hacking scandal last
year, there has been a renewed debate about introducing a statutory cause of
action for breach of privacy in Australia.

‘Every year PIAC receives a
significant number of calls from people who have had their privacy breached,’ said
PIAC senior solicitor Lizzie Simpson.

‘Complaints range from an
individual who was devastated to read a newspaper report about the death of a
relative before the police had even confirmed the death with the deceased’s
family; through to a woman who was upset that her local club had given
information about her gambling habits to her ex-husband, who then used the
material in divorce proceedings.

‘PIAC believes that
Australia’s current legal framework does not adequately protect Australians’
privacy rights,’ Ms Simpson said.

Photo: Flickr

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