Maximising consumer benefits:

Maximising consumer benefits: Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Maximising consumer benefits:
submission to the Power of Choice - Stage 3 Demand Side Participation Review
Hodge, Carolyn.
Publication Date:
26 Aug 2011
Publication Type:

The objective of the current review is to identify opportunities for consumers on the demand side and those on the supply side. For consumers, these opportunities may lead to a greater ability to make informed choices about their electricity consumption. For participants on the supply side and others, incentives may lead to efficient and balanced investment in supply and demand side options to deliver energy services to the community. PIAC’s submission highlights the need to understand the varying needs of a diverse range of consumers, so that innovation in the market will maximise opportunities for many – not just those who are well resourced, well educated and technically savvy. PIAC also highlighted the need for consumer education programs and resources that can assist consumers make informed choices about increasingly complex energy offers and related services. 

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