PIAC surveys political parties on energy and water

The Public Interest
Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has asked the three major political parties in NSW to
answer questions about energy and water. The response, or lack
of, is interesting.

‘There is growing
concern within the community about energy and water prices,’ said PIAC Senior
Policy Officer, Energy + Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program, Carolyn Hodge (pictured).

‘In December 2010, PIAC
asked the ALP, the NSW Greens and the Liberal/National coalition about their
policies in regards to water concessions, energy efficiency, consumer
protections and the affordability of energy and water.

‘Energy and water are
key household expenses, so it is important to know how each political party
will respond to rising prices,’ Ms Hodge said.

The measures available
to governments to reduce the impact of rising prices include access to energy
efficient appliances, a robust consumer protection framework and targeted and
sustainable concessions. 

‘Importantly, access to
concessions must be based on need rather than geographical location or type of
supplier,’ Ms Hodge said.

Read the full text of
the PIAC letter about water issues and the responses received to date.

Read the full text of
the PIAC letter about energy issues and the responses received to date.

Contact Carolyn
for more information

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