Tim Ngui

Senior Solicitor, Homeless Persons’ Legal Service

Tim has been a solicitor with the Homeless Persons Legal Service (HPLS) at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) since 2014 and a senior solicitor since 2019.
Tim provides legal advice, representation and case-work assistance to homeless clients in a variety of everyday civil law matters such as tenancy, housing, credit & debt, victims compensation, guardianship, employment, social security, fines, police complaints and consumer matters.
Tim first practised in homelessness law at Legal Aid NSW where he worked as a Homeless Outreach Solicitor serving some of the most disadvantaged parts of Western Sydney. Tim also conducted the HPLS advice clinic at Parramatta Mission before joining the full time staff of HPLS at PIAC in 2014.
Tim holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Technology, Sydney and a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies and Sociology from the University of Sydney.
When he’s not working directly with homeless clients Tim assists the Managing Solicitor with the training, supervision and management of HPLS’ Pro Bono practice. That involves conducting regular training at the offices of thirteen boutique, mid tier, and top tier private law firms, supervising advice given at sixteen legal clinics across Sydney, Western Sydney and Newcastle and giving advice to pro bono lawyers about various substantive, ethical and practice management questions that arise in their HPLS practice. 

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