Become a PIAC Partner

The PIAC Partners program acknowledges your generous support of our vision to create a fair, just and democratic society.

We recognise the essential contribution that our donors make to PIAC’s sustainability and strength, and offer ways for our supporters to maintain a close connection with PIAC’s work through regular and leadership giving. 

Regular Donors support PIAC with a gift made annually, quarterly or monthly.

PIAC is very grateful for regular giving at any level, especially as a Friend, Social Justice Defender or Ambassador.

Friends support PIAC with a gift of $500 or more in a year and are: 

  • acknowledged on our website;
  • listed in the Annual Report; and
  • invited to special events throughout the year, including a reception with the PIAC CEO and Directors. 

Social Justice Defenders support PIAC with a gift of $1000 or more in a year and are additionally: 

  • listed in the Social Justice Dinner event program; and 
  • invited to attend project briefing events at the PIAC office.

Ambassadors support PIAC with a gift of $5000 or more in a year and are additionally offered:

  • a more personal association with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, including special invitations to events such as a boardroom lunch with the CEO focussing on emerging issues and projects.

Trusts, Foundations or individuals who donate $10,000 or more will be welcomed as a Major Supporter and gifts of $100,000 and above are acknowledged as a Principal Partner.

Please contact Ann Sloan, Relationships and Events Coordinator on (02) 8898 6500 or [email protected] if you wish to discuss your giving to PIAC.

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