World first truth-telling website wins Australian web innovation award

Ground breaking truth-telling website Towards Truthhas won the ‘Innovation’ category at the 2024 Australian Web Awards. The site was also a finalist in the ‘Not for profit’ and ‘Community & Culture’ categories. 

Towards Truth is a unique partnership between the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and the UNSW Indigenous Law Centre (ILC). The site tells the story of how laws and policies have impacted First Nations people since colonisation began. Parliamentary debates, analysis, articles, reports and case studies are compiled and analysed, to demonstrate how laws and policies have shaped the lives of First Nations people. 

Anna Harding, Towards Truth Director at PIAC said: 

‘Towards Truth supports Australians to reckon with how laws have impacted First Nations people and provides a foundation for repair, reform and recognition.’ 

‘It’s a ground-breaking project and we are delighted it has been recognised for its innovative approach to truth-telling.’ 

‘The website continues to grow as new research is added, creating a unique and powerful record. From housing to hunting and fishing, languages to the removal of children, Towards Truth presents the rich and complex story of how laws have shaped Australian history and our relationship with First Nations people.’ 

Professor Megan Davis, Pro Vice-Chancellor Society at UNSW said:  

‘Towards Truth is a substantive outcome of the Uluṟu Statement from the Heart. Professor Gabrielle Appleby and I listened carefully to mob at the Regional Dialogues. They spoke about the way laws and policies single out and are discriminatory to Indigenous people, resulting in adverse treatment. This is an important part of Australian history. Our collaboration with PIAC has resulted in this website, which demonstrates in forensic detail how the decisions of our parliaments and governments have used the law to dispossess and disempower First Nations people. It also tells a story of resilience and resistance – the long history of Aboriginal people fighting for justice and driving reform of unjust laws and policies.’ 

‘Truth-telling about our history is an essential foundation to achieve justice for First Nations people. History should not be a burden to our future. A fair and true telling of Australian history is the only way to move forward together. We are thrilled that this world-first project has been recognised with this award.’ 

Media contact: 

PIAC Media and Communications Manager, Dan Buhagiar: 0478 739 280 

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