Public Interest Advocacy Centre calls on Labor to keep promise to protect LGTBQ+ students and teachers

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre has called on the Albanese government to keep its promise to protect LGBTQI+ students and teachers and not shelve two draft bills on changes to religious discrimination laws.

The director of policy and advocacy at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Alastair Lawrie, said:

‘Labor went to the May 2022 federal election with clear commitments to remove the special legal privileges that allow religious schools to discriminate against students and teachers on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.’

‘The Albanese government must fulfil their promise to protect LGBTQ students and teachers in religious schools against discrimination, rather than give a veto to Mr Dutton.’

‘LGBTQ teachers, and especially students, have waited far too long already to enjoy their rights to teach and learn free from the fear of mistreatment on the basis of who they are.’

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