NSW Police urged to do more in Closing the Gap

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre said in a statement that the LECC’s report ’emphasises that NSW Police need to do more to reduce the stark overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in contact with the criminal justice system.’

The LECC’s review highlighted Aboriginal people are overrepresented in the use of Suspect Target Management Plans, a tool deployed by NSW to identifiy people believed to be at risk of committing a crime in the future. Once identified, that suspect can receive proactive attention from police, including stop and searches.  

‘The LECC report calls out a core principle of the Closing the Gap framework: over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system will not improve unless Aboriginal peak organisations and communities are included in decision-making and design of policies that impact them. NSW Police need to step up and be part of the solution,’ the Centre’s CEO Jonathon Hunyor said.  

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