Uncovering the truth of our legal history

Towards Truth emerged after First Nations participants at the Uluru Dialogues spoke about the need for Australians to know their history. It responds to the call for Truth made in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

A partnership between the UNSW’s Indigenous Law Centre, led by Scientia Professor Megan Davis, and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Towards Truth also draws on extensive pro bono support from across the legal community, including several top Australian law firms.

The collection of laws, parliamentary speeches and commentary on the website gives a stark account of how law and policy have robbed too many First Nations people of land, family and culture. But Towards Truth also tells a story of resilience and resistance – the long history of Aboriginal people fighting for justice and driving reform. This can be witnessed in decades-long advocacy for the recognition and maintenance of connections to family, community, culture and country in child welfare laws, advocacy for land and water rights and much more.

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