A tribute to Betty Hounslow AM

PIAC joins in paying tribute to social justice advocate and activist Betty Hounslow AM. We send our condolences to her partner Kate Harrison and her network of family, friends and colleagues.

Betty was well-known and respected for her work across human rights issues including LGBTIQ+, asylum seeker and workers’ rights.

Betty was a core member of the PIAC family during our early years. She was a founding member of PIAC’s Board following our incorporation in 1984, and was employed as a Senior Policy Officer, and then as Principal Policy Officer, from 1988 until 1992.

At PIAC, Betty was instrumental in developing PIAC’s presence and reputation in the field of immigration and refugee law and policy. As a highly effective advocate, Betty mobilised extensive networks at both grassroots and peak levels in seeking reform to Australia’s laws. Betty was regularly in contact with and consulted by senior politicians, party officials, public servants, and the media, and spoke regularly at national forums.

Betty also had primary responsibility for PIAC’s policy work in a range of other areas, including organising a community campaign against racist violence, and policy work on access to justice issues such as legal aid, anti-discrimination and the community’s ‘right to know’.

Betty was known as a great colleague and committed staff member. She made a positive impact on those she worked with and an impressive contribution to PIAC’s success.

PIAC is just one of many organisations where Betty left her mark. She was also a board member at the Asylum Seekers Centre, APHEDA – Union Aid Abroad, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia and the Australian Council for International Development, and served as Executive Director of ACOSS.

We join with the social justice sector in celebrating Betty’s life, passion and commitment to improving our society for the benefit of all.

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