Critics pan proposed changes to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has pointed out inconsistencies in the bill in comparison to the existing Crimes Act 1900 – s93Z specifically – and the then-Labor Opposition’s 2021 bill to prohibit religious vilification, introduced by Shadow Attorney General Paul Lynch.

While PIAC acknowledges the importance of protecting people of minority faiths in NSW, PIAC has argued for further amendments.

Director of Policy and Advocacy Alastair Lawrie said, “the scope of these proposed reforms is broader than most other Australian jurisdictions, including Victoria and Queensland.”

“The introduction of prohibitions on religious vilification, while important, also highlights the need for the entire NSW Anti-Discrimination Act to be reviewed, and re-written.”

“Other groups in our community also deserve respect and improved protection against discrimination and vilification”, he continued.

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