Information sessions to understand the Voice

PIAC is offering information sessions to help people understand the proposal for a First Nations Voice to parliament and the historic referendum to be held later this year.

Our one-hour session covers:

  • The place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Australian Constitution, including the significance of the 1967 referendum.
  • The momentum for constitutional recognition of First Nations Australians from 2007.
  • The First Nations Dialogues and the Uluru Statement from the Heart, leading to the call for a First Nations Voice.
  • The referendum proposal we will be asked to vote on.
  • The practical implications of the Voice – how will it work and what will it do?
  • Why PIAC supports the Voice.

Each session includes time for questions from participants and an opportunity for discussion.

If you would like to arrange a session for your organisation, workplace or community group, email [email protected].

Authorised by Jonathon Hunyor on behalf of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Sydney.

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