Voice to Parliament is choice of possibility and hope

Opinion piece from PIAC CEO Jonathan Hunyor.

‘Every day presents infinite reasons to believe that change can’t happen, infinite reasons to give up’, says African American activist Sonya Tinsley-Hook. But she tells herself ‘Sonya, you have to pick your team’.

And for Tinsley-Hook, there are two teams.

On one side, the cynics who say that things won’t change: it’s foolish to even try; we’ll always have injustice.

And on the other, those who admit they don’t know how things will turn out but have decided to work for change anyway.

Tinsley-Hook’s words have been on my mind in recent weeks, as we enter the final stretch of the long road to constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Because on voting day, the choice will be binary: yes or no. We will need to pick our team.

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