An evening with playwright Suzie Miller

Suzie Miller is a lawyer and playwright. Her play RBG: Of Many, One ran at the Sydney Theatre company between October and December 2023. Suzie’s other work includes the hugely successful Prima Facie, which will play on Broadway later this year, following success on London’s West End and in cinemas as part of the National Theatre Live series.  

Nicole Abadee is a former barrister and now the books writer for Good Weekend. She is a regular facilitator at writerss festivals and speaks to Australian and international writers about their latest releases on her podcast Books, Books, Books.  

Nicole intervewed Suzie on 9 November 2022 at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre’s Evening with Suzie Miller, hosted by Banco Chambers. An edited, and abridged transcript of that interview has been prepared by Naomi Wootton for Bar News, in collobaration with PIAC, Suzie and Nicole.  

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