Homelessness, disability and institutional neglect

A severe shortage of social housing, combined with an increasingly unaffordable private rental market and inadequate social security payments, is causing more and more people to experience homelessness across Australia. Homelessness can happen to anyone, but people with disability are at increased risk.
PIAC advocates for a social security system that genuinely supports people to access and maintain housing, take up opportunities and fully participate in their communities. In the latest edition of Precedent, the magazine of the Australian Lawyers Alliance (ALA), we reflect on the reasons why our housing and social security systems are failing people with disability. We also put forward proposals for reform based on the experiences of our clients.
Sharing the perspectives of people with disability, including members of the legal profession, Precedent issue 171 offers insights and tools for moving towards equality. ALA members can access the magazine in full on ALA website.

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