Proposed reforms risk perpetuating unfairness

We have joined the disability sector in raising concerns about the transparency and accountability of the Government’s proposed reforms to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Under the reforms, important decisions about whether a person can access the NDIS and how much funding they receive in the scheme will be based on a mandatory independent assessment, which cannot be reviewed or appealed.

We have outlined our concerns in a submission to the National Disability Insurance Agency.

The reforms seek to introduce a mandatory independent assessment for everyone seeking to access the NDIS, as well as those already receiving NDIS supports. These assessments are expected to take about 3 hours and applicants will not receive a full copy of their report.

The Government also proposes significant changes to how funding is provided, shifting from plans based on ‘reasonable and necessary supports’ to a ‘total reasonable and necessary level of funding’ for each participant.

‘These fundamental changes to the way in which the NDIS currently operates are being implemented without genuine consultation,’ said Senior Solicitor, Chadwick Wong.

‘They do not address the existing transparency, accountability and governance issues that have been the subject of recommendations by several inquiries.’

‘Instead, there is a real risk that they will create further transparency, accountability and governance problems.’

‘We have called on the Government to stop the implementation of these changes immediately, and to properly consult with the community so that improvements to the NDIS may be co-designed with people with disability.’

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