Roadmap secures NSW energy future

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The Public Interest Advocacy Centre applauds the NSW government and Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean for announcing an ambitious plan to make the state a renewable energy superpower, while driving down electricity costs and making energy more resilient and reliable.

PIAC welcomes the NSW Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap, which is expected to lower household bills by an average of $130 by driving $32 billion in private investment in renewable energy.

‘This is a huge win for NSW households and businesses, and is a great example of how investment in a renewable energy system can deliver for communities and consumers,’ said Craig Memery, Head of Energy Policy, Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

‘The government has shown the energy trilemma is well and truly solved’, said Mr Memery. ‘Today’s announcement from the NSW government makes clear we don’t have to choose between sustainable, reliable energy and cost. Consumers’ and communities’ best interests are served through ambitious emissions reduction delivered through renewable energy investment.’  

The Roadmap’s focus on creating jobs and opportunities in regional areas shows the energy transition can be just, and sustainable, reliable and affordable energy can help communities thrive.

‘As people struggle following bushfires, drought, floods and the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that we ensure the benefits of the energy transition go to those most in need and no one is left behind,’ said Jonathon Hunyor, CEO, Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

The Roadmap, which has bi-partisan support, reflects the advice of experts as well as the will of the community, with recent research from the Australia Institute showing the majority of Australians prefer investment in renewables as a pathway for economic recovery and more than 70% want Australia to be a global leader in finding solutions to climate change.

‘Minister Kean and the NSW government have today shown bold climate action that helps secure our economic future while delivering benefits for people today is no longer up for debate,’ said Mr Hunyor. 


MEDIA CONTACT: PIAC Energy Communications Officer, Anna Livsey: 0478 739 280

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