Climate and Energy Forum

We should build a low carbon economy, not just because it’s good for the environment but because it’s good for the state and the country.

– The Hon. Matt Kean MP, NSW Minister for Energy and Environment

Thank you to everyone who attended PIAC’s zoom forum on 14 October, and heard from a panel of experts in the energy sector to envision a just transition to a sustainable future. 

We are especially thankful to Dr Rebecca Huntley for moderating the discussion, and speakers The Hon. Matt Kean MP (NSW Energy and Environment Minister), Craig Memery (Head of PIAC’s Energy + Water Consumer’s Advocacy Program), Donna Luckman (Community Energy Advocate) and Simon Holmes à Court (Energy Transition Hub, University of Melbourne). 

The panel discussed the path to solving the energy trilemma (reliability, affordability and emissions reduction), the need for new regulations around essential and flexible energy markets, increased investment and competitiveness and more renewable energy zones and community energy hubs. 

Catch up with key moments from the night at @PIACenergy, #PIACJustTransition and #PIACtalks. 

PIAC’s Energy and Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program (EWCAP) works to make energy and water affordable and sustainable for all NSW households. We’re experts in energy and water policy, regulation, technology, markets and systems. Find out more about the program here. 


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