New Renewable Energy Zone a win for NSW households

solar panels

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) energy and water consumers’ advocacy program welcomes the announcement by the NSW government of a new Renewable Energy Zone in the New England region.

As advocates for affordable and sustainable energy for NSW households, PIAC supports the NSW government increasing the amount of renewable energy in the system and acting to meet its net-zero emissions target by 2050.

‘Most people want lower power bills sourced from clean and sustainable energy. This initiative from the NSW government shows its commitment to reducing the cost of living and transforming the energy system in a way that creates jobs and supports the community’, said Craig Memery, Head of Energy Policy, Public Interest Advocacy Centre.

PIAC strongly supports the NSW government using new ways to fund Renewable Energy Zones that bring lower energy bills.

‘Sharing the costs of developing the Renewable Energy Zone between government and the private sector, and recovering the costs of connecting it to the existing grid in a way that makes the best use of transmission infrastructure, removes risk for investors while limiting costs to NSW households’, said Mr Memery.

‘As the energy system evolves we should be looking for ways to ensure the community sees the full benefit of new investments, that NSW homes and businesses get the most out of new energy sources, and investment brings lower bills and greater reliability’, said Mr Memery.

MEDIA CONTACT: PIAC Energy Communications Officer, Anna Livsey: 0478 739 280

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