Moving to a two-sided market

Moving to a two-sided market Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Moving to a two-sided market
Publication Date:
20 May 2020
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PIAC responded to the Energy Security Board (ESB) consultation into moving to a two-sided market. PIAC propose a framework for assessing design choices and suggest a more detailed consideration of how costs are allocated, and access to information by market participants, including consumers.

PIAC recommend a harm-based approach for consumer protections, where the protections offered to consumers are commensurate to the potential harm they may face should something go wrong – the higher the potential harm, the stronger the protections offered.

PIAC agrees with the ESB any proposed two-market design and implementation must allow consumers to voluntarily participate in the market. PIAC recommends the ESB focus on creating new avenues to market for new parties that can operate in parallel with the traditional retailer and/or generator relationships

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