Policing the Pandemic Forum

Government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have included severe and unprecedented restrictions on our movement and use of public space. For the first time, many people who have never before been the subject of police scrutiny, find themselves confronted with the reality that faces groups who are historically overpoliced.

What powers do police actually have and how are they being used? Should we be concerned? And how are these measures impacting on different communities and groups, including rough sleepers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

Join PIAC CEO Jonathon Hunyor in conversation with journalist Osman Faruqi (Schwartz Media’s 7am), Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) CEO Karly Warner, barrister Felicity Graham (Black Chambers) and PIAC’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Service Managing Solicitor Roslyn Cook, at this special lunch time zoom forum to discuss the implications of police powers for our communities at this exceptional time.

The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A.

Please note: This forum starts at 1:00pm (AEST) and registrations will close an hour before.

Recordings may be available via the PIAC website at a later date.

If you have any requirements that will assist you to participate in this event, please contact PIAC’s Relationships and Events Coordinator by telephone (02) 8898 6523 or email [email protected].


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