Man eating kebab on bench among 50 people fined in NSW and Victoria for violating coronavirus laws

Image: The Guardian

‘Concern that police crackdown to tackle public health emergency will disproportionately affect vulnerable people…’

‘Eating a kebab on a bench, washing car windscreens at an intersection or sitting in a stationary car – these are just some of the reasons more than 50 people have been fined by police in New South Wales and Victoria for violating new coronavirus laws.’

‘Sweeping new laws introduced to slow the number of people infected with the virus have reshaped Australian society in the past fortnight, imposing an unprecedented crackdown on public movement and curtailing civil liberties.’

‘But while governments and police agencies say the laws are necessary given the public health emergency caused by the coronavirus, justice advocates warn the laws could have damaging consequences for traditionally over-policed communities.’

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