Consumer Data Right priority energy datasets consultation

Consumer Data Right priority energy datasets consultation Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Consumer Data Right priority energy datasets consultation
Publication Date:
26 Sep 2019
Publication Type:

PIAC responded to the Commonwealth Treasury’s consultation on the implementation of a Consumer Data Right (CDR) for energy services. The CDR would allow energy consumers to authorise a third-party to access certain energy data in order to encourage easier and better engagement with energy products including comparing retail energy offers.

While PIAC supports giving customers the ability to engage more effectively in the electricity market, greater engagement must not be an obligation for consumers. Disadvantaged and vulnerable consumers who are less engaged for whatever reason must not be penalised for their lack of engagement and there must be an obligation to obtain explicit informed consent from a consumer, in plain language, specifying the types of data they are authorising the third party to access and the limitations of its use.

In this submission, we comment on the types and usefulness of particular data fields proposed to be available through the CDR including standing data and metering data. We raise concerns about some of the proposed customer’s personal and billing data being accessible by third-parties through the CDR.


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