Converting the Integrated System Plan into action

Converting the Integrated System Plan into action Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Converting the Integrated System Plan into action
Publication Date:
21 Jun 2019
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PIAC along with NSW Farmers, Total Environment Centre, Renew, South Australian Council of Social Services, Consumer Action Law Centre, and Uniting Communities made a joint submission to the Energy Security Board’s consultation on actioning the Integrated System Plan. 

Our submission highlights the need for whole-of-system planning in the NEM and recommends the ISP should fill this gap by being a guide for optimising the NEM with respect to the long-term interests of all consumers and the energy trilemma.

To achieve this, we recommend the ISP should be used as a guide for policy and rulemaking, and that it should signal to market participants to respond in a way that promotes optimal system-wide outcomes.

We reiterate the ISP’s original purpose was to facilitate the connection of renewable energy zones, and that it should assume a future with rapid uptake of renewables and low-emissions.

We also set out pathways to reform and changes to the regulatory framework through different modelling techniques and approaches.

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