Advanced meter communications consultation paper

Advanced meter communications consultation paper Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Advanced meter communications consultation paper
Publication Date:
7 Nov 2018
Publication Type:

PIAC lodged a submission responding to the AEMC’s proposed ‘meter installations – advanced meter communications’ amendment. The amendment is to make a provision for circumstances where an existing Type 4, communication enabled meter connection may have its communications functions disabled, or be replaced with a type 4A meter, in response to a consumer request.

PIAC is broadly unsupportive of the proposal, taking the view that it does not establish a significant need, or the potential for significant consumer benefit. Instead PIAC contends that a better approach may be more clearly conveyed information about smart metering, and that any decision to proceed with the rule change should be based on evidence that a significant number of consumers have expressed concerns regarding existing Type 4 metering installations, and a demonstration that these concerns cannot be satisfactorily addressed through the provisions of improved information or explanation.

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