Love wins!

PIAC joins with the LGBTIQ community in celebrating the realisation of marriage equality, following the passing of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act by the House of Representatives last night and its proclamation by the Governor General this morning.

‘This is a landmark victory for fairness and equality and will go down in history as a unifying day for the Australian community,’ said PIAC CEO Jonathon Hunyor.

‘We’re very pleased to have been part of the fight, but this victory belongs to the many LGBTIQ activists who have campaigned tirelessly for decades to see this day.

‘In particular I pay tribute to Rodney Croome, and Felicity Marlowe and Shelley Argent who we represented in the High Court in September along with Andrew Wilkie.

‘We also congratulate our friends Anna Brown and Lee Carnie at the Human Rights Law Centre and all those involved in the Yes campaign who worked so hard to ensure the passage of the legislation.

‘We’re particularly pleased that the legislation passed without any discriminatory amendments – paving the way for true marriage equality,’ added Jonathon Hunyor.

Photo: Flickr

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