Modernising Australia’s Electricity Grid

Modernising Australia’s Electricity Grid Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

Modernising Australia’s Electricity Grid
Response to Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy Inquiry
Publication Date:
28 Apr 2017
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In PIAC’s response to the Discussion Paper prepared for the Inquiry into modernising Australia’s electricity grid, it is argued that to future proof the energy system, it is critical to balance grid reliability and security with sustainably affordable energy services. When modernising the grid, it is critical to bear in mind that a system in which many consumers cannot afford energy is not a sustainable system. In PIAC’s view, there is an urgent need to revisit energy market and network regulatory arrangements with a view to reducing complexity and enhancing competition. Governance arrangements must be transparent, have clear accountabilities and, be accompanied by enhanced consumer representation in decision making. System security and reliability can be improved through the increased use of demand management solutions, the use of batteries and cost reflective network tariffs.

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