Homelessness increasing in NSW: research

The significant increase in number of people experiencing homelessness in NSW is the focus of the November edition of Parity, the national journal of the Council to Homeless Persons.

The edition entitled Responding to Homelessness in NSW, features three articles detailing the work of PIAC’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Service and StreetCare, PIAC’s homeless consumer advisory committee.

In Foundations for Change: Homeless Consumers Perspectives on the NSW government’s Proposed Homelessness Strategy, Senior Policy Officer Louis Schetzer details the response of StreetCare members to the NSW Government’s recently announced community consultation regarding the proposed Homelessness Strategy. StreetCare members outline their hopes and expectations about the NSW Government’s plan to address homelessness.

In Homelessness: The Consumer Stories, StreetCare member Melissa Wolfshoerndl details her research with homeless people regarding their experiences of ongoing stigmatisation and marginalisation.

In Specialist Homeless Persons Criminal Law Advocates Addressing Legal Need, we learn more about the work of the HPLS Solicitor Advocate, Jeremy Rea, and the particular areas of criminal law legal need for people experiencing homelessness.

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