No Fixed Address – Art from the streets

'The Log,' by Chris Barwick

The Homeless Persons’ Legal Service (HPLS) has compiled a striking collection of artworks by artists who have experienced homelessness, in a new publication, No Fixed Address.

The book is a record of the works exhibited at the ‘No Fixed Address’ exhibition, which marked the 10th birthday of HPLS. The event was opened by actor, director and writer Leah Purcell on 18 November 2014. It featured over 40 artworks including paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures.

The works featured in the publication highlight the legal and human rights issues faced by people living on the streets. As well as tackling subjects like alienation, loss of country and hopelessness, they are a celebration of resilience and life in the inner city.

You can order a copy of No Fixed Address for $25, online or by calling 8898 6500. Proceeds from the sale of the book will support the work of the Homeless Persons Legal Service.

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