PIAC to intervene for consumers in electricity price case

Electricity tower
Photo: Flickr/Philippe Put

PIAC has been granted leave to intervene in the long-running legal wrangle in relation to the setting of electricity network prices in NSW.

PIAC will now represent the interests of consumers in the judicial review by the Full Federal Court of some aspects of the Australian Competition Tribunal’s decision in relation to network prices. The Tribunal’s decision, if allowed to stand, will enable the NSW electricity network businesses to raise significantly more revenue than before, leading to higher bills for NSW households.

At this stage PIAC’s intervention is limited to making written submissions, but the Court has not ruled out permitting PIAC to seek leave to make oral submissions.

PIAC CEO Jonathon Hunyor said that the Court’s decision meant that consumers would continue to have a seat at the table in the on-going process of setting electricity network prices.

‘We are pleased to be able to make the case for affordable electricity, and ensure that consumers are strongly represented. These cases are complex and hard-fought, so PIAC plays a critical role in protecting the interests of the community.’

More about PIAC’s electricity price challenge.

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