New scheme to fund public interest litigation

Elephant illustration
Photo courtesy of Woodsford Litigation Funding.

PIAC is joining with public litigation funders from around the world to establish a new funding scheme that will support PIAC’s public interest litigation.

The scheme, which commenced this week, will allow PIAC’s public interest cases to go ahead in circumstances where the risk of an ‘adverse costs order’ would discourage clients from proceeding with their case. 

Under the Adverse Costs Order Guarantee Fund, clients will be indemnified so that they can proceed with their cases without having to risk their assets or income.

‘This is a great development for public interest litigation,’ said PIAC CEO, Jonathon Hunyor.

‘Adverse costs orders are a powerful disincentive for clients weighing up whether or not to proceed with litigation.

‘We hope that this scheme will grow to support PIAC’s public interest litigation into the future, facilitating test cases that otherwise could not proceed.’

PIAC is especially grateful to Woodford Litigation Funding Limited, which is the first partner in the ACO Guarantee Fund.

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