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When PIAC wins a case, we can change the future for many people like you and me.

Recently we were able to help Theresa*. She had been diagnosed with chronic liver failure and had just had her income protection policy cancelled by her insurer.

On the advice of her GP, Theresa met with a psychologist once a month for eight months to help her deal with the end of her relationship.

Three years later, Theresa took out income protection insurance. She had no history of mental illness, and said so in her application.

When Theresa was diagnosed with liver failure two years later, she made a claim on her income protection insurance. The insurer initially paid the claim, but after obtaining Theresa’s medical records, including the referral to a psychologist, the insurer cancelled the policy and demanded that she pay back the money it had paid her.

Theresa’s situation is shocking because it could happen to any of us.

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PIAC challenged the insurer’s decision, arguing Theresa had never been diagnosed with a mental illness – confirmed in a written report by her psychologist to the insurer.

With PIAC’s assistance, Theresa settled her dispute on favourable terms for Theresa.

PIAC has a very high success rate with social justice cases and the impact of these wins extends beyond the individual to the many other people who are similarly affected by this systemic problem.

We’re currently representing another 10 people in similar test cases. We believe there are thousands more people who are facing similar discrimination or unfairness.

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*Theresa’s story is a compilation of two client stories, to preserve the anonymity of each individual client.

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