Register for Class Action on behalf of falsely imprisoned young people

The parties to a class action on behalf of young people, run by The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and Maurice Blackburn,  have reached a settlement of at least $1.85 million. The settlement is subject to final Court approval and paves the way for the young people affected to be properly compensated.  The class action is on behalf of young people who were allegedly wrongfully imprisoned by NSW police as a result of problems with the NSW Police database.

The case commenced in 2011 after PIAC became aware that children and young people were being wrongfully detained as a result of inaccurate or out-of-date information on the NSW Police computer system known as COPS (Computer Operational Policing System).

NSW Police Force False Imprisonment Class Action Proposed Settlement

The parties to a class action over alleged false imprisonment of young people by the New South Wales Police Force have reached an in-principle settlement. The class action is in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and is called Amom v State of New South Wales (proceeding number 2011/187125).

You may be eligible for compensation if:

1. you faced charges in the Children’s Court of New South Wales; and
2. you were arrested before 20 May 2014 by the New South Wales police for a breach of bail conditions; and
3. you weren’t actually on bail at the time you were arrested, or you were on bail but not subject to the condition you were arrested for.

What you have to do

If you were arrested in the way described above and you want to receive compensation, you must by 9 October 2015 either:1. fill in a Registration Form available at services/general-law/class-actions/current-class-actions/false-imprisonment-of- young-people-class-action/ and send it to the law firm Maurice Blackburn; or2. telephone the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and give information about yourself.

Details of settlement

The State of New South Wales has agreed to pay money into a fund to be administered for participating group members. Maurice Blackburn, the lawyers for the plaintiff, will administer a settlement scheme if it is approved by the Court. If you are a group member, you register by 9 October 2015 and you provide the required information, you will receive compensation for each unlawful arrest you were subjected to.

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre is acting for group members in the proceeding. You can ask the Public Interest Advocacy Centre for a copy of the settlement scheme that the Court will be asked to approve.

The settlement will only proceed if it is approved by the Supreme Court of New South Wales. If you are entitled to receive compensation you can object to the proposed settlement. If you want to object, you must write to Maurice Blackburn by 9 October 2015 giving reasons why you think the settlement should not be approved.

If you have any questions about the proposed settlement you should ring the Public Interest Advocacy Centre as soon as possible on (02) 8898 6500. Otherwise, more information is available at: actions/current-class-actions/false-imprisonment-of-young-people-class-action/

Registration forms or objections must be sent to Maurice Blackburn by 9 October 2015 at:

CIDnAP Class Action

Maurice Blackburn Pty Ltd

PO Box A266

Sydney South NSW 1235

Email: [email protected]

Read the media release. More legal information about the class action settlement is here.  You can also register by calling PIAC on (02) 8898 6500.

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