When and how to make the switch?

When and how to make the switch? Alternative formats available on request to PIAC - Contact PIAC

When and how to make the switch?
PIAC submission to the Inquiry into the supply and cost of gas and liquid fuels in New South Wales
Kuiper, Gabrielle.
Publication Date:
22 Dec 2014
Publication Type:

This submission focuses on the past, present and future increasing cost of gas for NSW household consumers and the negative consequences of these cost increases. PIAC recommends more detailed analysis of the impacts, especially for residents of NSW public and community housing and low-income rental housing. PIAC also recommends more detailed research into the barriers and opportunities related to disconnecting from gas for residential consumers, especially public and community housing tenants and low-income renters. In terms of solutions, the submission recommends a proportional rebate, extended to include gas and energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and programs, especially to support low-income consumers. Given the rising costs, PIAC recommends the NSW Government not subsidise new or existing residential gas connections and instead develop programs that directly address energy affordability in regional areas.

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