Draft Rule Determination:

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Draft Rule Determination:
customer access to information about their energy consumption
Moor, Deirdre.
Publication Date:
25 Sep 2014
Publication Type:

This joint letter from PIAC, the Alternative Technology Association and the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW supports amendment of the National Electricity Rules to allow customers to access their electricity consumption data.  The letter argues that consumers should be able to do so by requesting that data from their retailer or Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP), with civil penalties for non-compliance under the new rule 56A.  The letter makes specific suggestions in regards to: the Australian Energy Market Operators’ (AEMO) process for determining minimum requirements; the number of times a customer should be freely able to receive their data; the exclusion of the proposal to publish standard information about electricity consumption data on the websites of retailers and DNSPs from the draft rule change; and the need for large customers to also be able to access their data at no cost.

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